Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Effectively Search on Google : Google Search Techniques You Should Know

There are several Google search techniques that are worth knowing and will make your online life easier. 

1. The use of quotation marks, as in this" and this ". When you're searching for exact phrase and you want the results to come back with only and exactly those words you're searching for, you put them in quotation marks.

2. The use of + and - signs. If you want to search for online deals for example, but you want online deals that could be claimed in Makati City only, you put : ONLINE DEALS + MAKATI (doesn't have to be capitalized). So that online deals in countries million miles away from you will not be included in the results.

And if you want to search for movies for example, but you don't want porno movies, you write : MOVIES - PORNO. So that the search results will exclude all porno movies but will include all kinds of movies.

3. If you want the definition of a word quickly, write: DEFINE: and the word you want defined.

4. If you want to look up measurement or conversion, just type: CONVERT 123456 CENTIMETERS TO METERS.

5. If you're looking for certain document in pdf file, write EARN ONLINE FILETYPE: PDF. The same works if you're looking for a Word doc or a Powerpoint file.
Example: TOURIST SPOTS FILETYPE: DOC (or PPT if it's a powerpoint file you're interested in).

Additionally, words like: is, are, a, an, the, of, in, etc, are not read by Google so including those words is useless and unnecessary, unless you're using the "-" (quotation marks)  as in "Ways to earn online", in which case, all articles containing those exact words (and in the same order) will appear in the result. But if you're searching for WINDOWS SOFTWARE IN THE MARKET, note that only the keywords (Windows, software, market) will be read by Google.

Do you know any Google search technique? Share them here!

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