Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Easiest Way To Download Files From You Tube Or Change File Types

Have you ever wished you could download a video from youtube without downloading any software, or going through the tedious process of downloading a player to play a video you have downloaded because of its uncommon file type?

By default, videos at youtube cannot be downloaded, but sometimes we want to save the video or have a copy of it because we want to share it with friends or be able to watch it over and over again without connecting to the Internet or because the video may not remain permanently on youtube. There are hundreds of sites that offer to download the video for you by just right-clicking on the video and automatically saving it on your computer. The problem with these sites though is that you still have to download another software to be able to play your downloaded video. So, i there a site that downloads a video link without you having to download a software?

Try Zamzar. It's the easiest way to download videos from youtube or any other site without downloading any software. It downloads the file for you and changes the file type to any extension you want at the same time.

Personally, I like Zamzar because I can also use it not just to download videos from the Internet but also to change the file extension of videos I have taken from my phone. The videos are emailed to me (because you do not have to have an account with them or register to be able to use their services) so it's not a simple right-click and download process, but then, I do not have to download any software because the file type wasn't recognized by my player, or have hundreds of player installed on my computer to be able to play the videos I have downloaded or have in file. I can keep all my videos in one place and will need only one player to play them all.

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