Friday, January 14, 2011

Make Him Fall In Love With You! -- How to get anyone to love you

Have you ever wished you could make somebody fall for you and return your feelings? Have you ever felt like you'd do anything to make that special someone belong to you if only you knew how to? Or perhaps you feel hopeless knowing there's no way he's ever gonna like you? Well, it's time to throw all that negative attitude away because it is possible to make him fall in love with you. In fact, you can make anyone fall for you!

You'd probably argue that having a good attitude isn't all that could make him fall in love with you, and your pretty head tells you people don't get the love of their lives just like that just because they were smart enough to follow every single advice of Mr. Love on TV or Dear Abby on the Internet. You yourself have tried every single tips and tricks there is to make him fall in love with you, but love simply doesn't happen that way.

Wrong. Sure, having the right mindset isn't gonna make him fall in love with you but you could make the love of your life love you back without the need for grandma's love potion. How many times did you hear people telling you love is not just a feeling or emotion? It's true! Love is also a decision. You can make that gorgeous guy decide to love you and make him fall in love with you just like that! Here are some of the keys to make that happen:

  • Know His Standards
 We all have certain standards we have set whether consciously or unconsciously for the kind of person that we will love. Standards as superficial as being skinny or as deep as a belief in religion. Find out what his standards are and make yourself appear attractive to him by having those qualities. Remember that before love can happen, attraction must first set in.

  •  Look Your Best
Now, it's not enough that you have all the characteristics he wants in a female. Even though you dumped your curls for a sleek and straight crown, nobody wants to look at someone who looks as if she just survived a tornado, and you sure don't want him asking you if it's windy outside. The same goes for the clothes you wear and how you ear it. It's important that you always look your best.

  • Be The Right Person
 Some physical standards like being a size D, might be impossible to meet, at least without the help of Science, but don't despair, after all love is bigger than physical looks. Having the right character like being undemanding can go a long, long way. When you stop expecting him to be Mr. Right at every occasion, and acknowledge that he has needs like you do, he'd know that you are a sensitive and caring person and likely to satisfy all of his personal and emotional needs. When you got him into that kind of thinking, you can make him fall in love with you!

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