Saturday, January 22, 2011

How To Lower Fever Temperature Without Medicine

I'm not a doctor or a medical specialist of any kind, but I learned this trick from a doctor. Of course, taking fever medicine is still the best way to lower body temperature, but when you don't have access to medicine, this could really help lower body temperature. When I was pregnant and couldn't get hold of a medicine --and didn't want to take any-- but have a bottle of alcohol and paper tissue in my bag, I used them to lower my body temperature.

Alcohol lowers body temperature because of its cooling properties. When capillaries run through a part of skin with alcohol, the cooling effect is distributed throughout the body. Also, because alcohol evaporates quickly, it takes the heat out of the skin immediately when it evaporates and leaves the skin feeling cold.

 Don't forget to take some medicine as soon as you can  :)

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