Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Money Is In The List - Part 4

Ya, I'm tired of this mailing list business and so are you. So, let me give you the final and last part of it.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Website -- an eBook

also explore other ways of promoting your list. You could create a blog andIt's important that you don't rely on sign-u ps from your website to develop your mailing list. It would help that you create one special page in your site that encourage readers to sign up for your newsletter, but you should then include your URL in your email and forum signatures. For a small fee, you could use advertisements. Whatever you do, remember that
nurturing your list doesn't end in making great content for your subscribers. Don't forget the list!


If you decide to use newsletters, coming up with contents for your newsletter on a regular basis can be really challenging. What you could do is include snippets of your web posts, announce new services and products, or you could give them a recommendation of a new web resource that you think will be useful for them. You could also feature current news in your industry if you can find one. Just remember to always include links back to your site.

Now, if you still struggle with contents, you could always hire ghostwriters or turn to sites that offer article contents for websites. An excellent source for articles is and
Like I mentioned, you can make newsletters in the form of blogs. There are a lot of free-hosted blogs out there with instructions on how to set-up one, if you don't know yet how to do so. The popular ones are Wordpress and Blogger and both are free to use.


I don't know about you, but in the world wide web, I feel a certain level of loyalty to those I feel I know better than those I don't. I tend to be forgiving of the mistakes of others I know but smirk at mistakes of those I don't. In fact, it would take very little to convince me to write a negative blog post about it, but Iet's not get into that. When you write your letter, do not be afraid to be a little personal in it. Offer your readers a glimpse of your life from time to time. Tell them about your pets, the neighbor that's driving you crazy or the woman at the check-out counter of the grocer. But always make it short to show that you respect their time, and to not lose their interest.


How often you communicate with your subscribers depends on the kind of list that you have. If it's a tip list, a weekly schedule would be ideal, although a bi-weekly schedule would be just as effective.

If you go for a newsletter or ezine, unless you can manage a weekly publication, bi-monthly would do just  fine. The goal is to not let the readers forget about you, as they probably will, when they only hear from you once a month. But you should also be careful not to irritate them from seeing mails from you all the time. I do tend to unsubscribe from a listing ifI see too much of them in my inbox. I suspect it's no different with others.


Whenever you communicate with your list, always remember to include a link back to your website. Entice them with a peek of what's new in your site and don't forget that link!


Over time, some of your subscribers will not be as responsive as they were when they first signed up. They will no longer read your mails, let alone open them. some may unsubscribe as well. But never grow tired of taking care of your list. A lot of successful people on the Internet are people who never gave up. If your low in traffic, maybe you need to Iiven things up, not let the list go.


A mailing list is useless if not taken cared of. You will never go wrong in investing your time building a list, especially nowadays when mailing list can even be bought for a price. Each year brings new Internet marketing strategies, but there's one that remained tried and tested in bringing in money. Mailing list is one proven and effective way of increasing Internet income. Build one, nurture it and reap the rewards. If there are people that succeeded because they persisted, there are also a lot of people who failed because they did not. Which group would you prefer to belong in? I know that if you apply the ideas in this guide, you're on your way to having a rich mailing list. A gold mine.

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