Monday, January 17, 2011

The Money Is In The List! Part 2

Every web page has a primary function, to coax the visitors to do
something, buy something or employ services. But every web page should
also have its secondary function, and that is to coax the visitors to sign up
for the newsletter. You see, when you have their e-mail addresses, you'II
have the opportunity to market to them over and over again and lead
them back to your site every time!


A "name squeeze" is a special webpage that has only one purpose. To
squeeze the name and the email address out of a reader in exchange for a
gift or offer.

This is useful when you're trying to build a list and or offering new
services. You can offer them something that they can use to avail of your
services or buy your products. A good example is discounts. Of course, you
could also offer something completely unrelated to your products and
services, and even when you don't have any new services for trial.
Remember, there's no hard and fast rule in the Internet. I suggest you
give out something really valuable and useful and will be hard to resist.

This post is in continuation of the post "How To Make Your Website Work For You -An E-Book. Read the Part 1 here.

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