Monday, January 17, 2011

The Money Is In The List! Part 1

As a freelancer who constantly look for writing assignments, once in a while, I meet employers who "pretend" to be one, then run away with my work as soon as I've submitted them. Beware, there are a lot of scammers on the Internet.

So, today, I decided to post one eBook I've written for an "employer" and share them here instead. If you see a copy of this anywhere in the web, be sure to bring it to my attention :)

Here's an eBook about mailing list system. I'll post them in parts so be sure to check again later.

Make Your Website Work For You!


So, you've started a website hoping to find your luck in the Internet as
you heard millions of others have. By now, you've probably learned that
it's not a get-rich-quick kind of thing, or get your website up and running
and snap! you can hand in your notice to the boss tomorrow and spend
the rest of your life watching your earnings from the Internet grow.
Fact is, making money from the Internet requires hard work, persistence
and a lot of patience. But the good news is, making your website work for
you so you'II never have to put in "hard work" ever again is possible! And
like others before you, you could make your first million from the Internet

And this where the List comes in. Today, most would consider mailing list
to be a thing of the past, and why not? blogs function like newsletters and
social networking sites are used even by technologically-challenged people.
You could blog about your new products, tweet updates and promote your
services in Facebook. Your friends and followers and your bIog's RSS
subscribers have become the new "Iist". I don't disagree, but as many
Internet Marketing gurus would point out "the money is in the list". What
was true when Internet Marketing first boomed is still very much true to
this present day.

Here, I will talk about the "old" mailing list system incorporating new
trends. Why? because statistics show that people today highly prefers to
communicate by email and maintain the same email address for as long as
they could. Email mailing list system is easier to do now than it was before
with third-party list system management services available for free! I will
show you how you can get the most of your mailing list and make your
website business profitable. Remember that mailing list generates new
leads, more customers and more publicity. It drives people to your site.
And in the world wide web, traffic is good!

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