Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a coined word taken from web + log. It is a type of website that contains posts arranged in a chronological order. At the time of writing, the published date of blog posts can already be hidden so that it doesn’t show on the blog post page. 

A post is any written material posted or published on the blog, and blogs come in different forms and types. When a blog is a part of a website, the homepage is a static page showing the different parts of the site in the navigation bar. A blog, however, has the blog posts (also called entries) as its homepage.

The content of the blog determines its type. The popular type is called the personal blog, which functions like an online diary and which contains posts about personal life. It could be opinions, personal events in life or hobbies. Other types are business blog, school, Internet marketing, Information technology and all other kinds of expertise. You can create blogs on whatever topic (also called niche) you choose.

When you write posts and entries for your blog, it’s called blogging and you can refer to yourself as a blogger. Nowadays, blogging can be a profession. There are professional bloggers who make a living from their blogs, because blogs can also be monetized.

Having your own blog is easy. There are a number of sites (which are called Blog platforms) that can help you set up your own blog with just one click of a button. The best part is that it’s free too!

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