Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How To Download Videos From Youtube

Videos from youtube cannot be downloaded, but there are ways you can do to get around this. My favorite is by simply changing the file type of the video, and then changing it to whatever file type is supported by my media gadget. And it’s easy to do that. Go to this site and then click the tab “download URL”. In the box, copy the URL of the video from youtube. You then choose the file type you want for the video and finally click “convert”.

Wait a few seconds while the video is being converted. When it’s finished, a link to the video will be generated for you to download by simply right-clicking and saving the target. You can now watch the video from your computer, or transfer it to another media and watch from there.


  1. Hi! I got here by accident and I like this blog, thanks for this manual!

    I started using torch browser few days ago for grabbing videos, have you heard about it? My sis recommended it and it seems to be pretty cool... Looks just like chrome with video grabber feature.

  2. No, I haven't. But I am into watching videos these days so I might just go check it out. Thanks for dropping by.