Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Know Your Sun Cellular Broadband Wireless Number (without using SMS)

NOTE: The process applies to all Sun Cellular SIMs including postpaid and prepaid. It's free of charge so it'll perfectly work for Sun Cellular SIMs that ran out of load (and that you couldn't load because you forgot or didn't know the number).

You just got your new Sun Cellular Broadband Wireless subscription modem and you forgot to ask the number from the business center and you still have to receive your bill from the company, but you want to know your number. You can send an SMS to your phone or call your phone to see your number, but let's just say you don't want to do both. What do you do?

1. Insert the SIM card into any phone
2. Dial *#99# or *99#
3. Press SEND/CALL

Your number will automatically appear on the screen.

Hope this helps.


  1. thank you so much

  2. Its not working. :( it always says "not available" when i key in those numbers above. Why? Do you know any other way? I cant load it since i dont know the number...

  3. Does not work. It says "Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code"
    But whenever I try it with my SMART TnT it works.. T_T

  4. result unknown sir .. please help

  5. find sun reload or something with reload then press call then wait for their response and click 3 then you will hear your number. welcome :)

  6. Thanks! You just save my life. HAHAHA. Very helpful.