Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Effective is Bare Lifts: A Review

Not very. If you're thinking of buying one because you want to give your breast a bit (let me put an emphasis to the word) of a lift, then Bare Lifts might be a good choice. However, if you're looking to enhance your cleavage, Bare Lifts will be a disappointment. 

The thing works by sticking the bottom part of the adhesive sheet right above your nipple, and then pulling it and sticking the upper part as high as it could go on your breast. The result is like tucking a portion of your breast with the sticky sheet (like cutting a hole in the middle of your breast just an inch above your nipple and then connecting the edges together with an adhesive film. It doesn't do a lot of lifting, except for that one inch area above your nipple). It doesn't give the upper part of your breast that plump lifted look, but only technically repositions your nipple, giving it a perkier look.

You can indeed wear it in the water, and it doesn't hurt nor is it uncomfortable. But considering that it doesn't do much of what it's supposed to, comfort becomes highly irrelevant.

If you have bigger breasts (C or D), you might already be satisfied with its result (considering you already have a cleavage to begin with), but don't expect much in terms of its "lift" function. For strong support and lift, you'd still be better off with traditional strap bras or a magic bra like this.

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