Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Print or Capture Your Screen

It's pretty simple, you just press the PRT SCR button on your keyboard to capture the image on your screen, and then you paste the image on Word or on Paint by pressing CTRL + V . Alternately, you can right click on the screen and scroll down for the PASTE option. Of course, there are other ways to print your screen but I find this one the easiest since I don't have to go to any website or even go online to do it.

On Paint, you'll have the option to crop the image or trim part of the image that you don't like to appear. If you're working on a laptop, note that you will have to press the PRT SCR along with another button. On HP for example, you'll have to press the function key (FN) to activate function buttons, that's FN + PRT SCR.

Don't forget to paste (CTRL + V) the image that you captured (PRT SCR). Easy Peasy!

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