Saturday, January 15, 2011

How To Get Your Website On A Search Engine

So, you’ve created a brand new site and you’re wondering how you can get your site on search engines? Although submitting your site to top search engines would help, getting your site indexed on their list could take up to six weeks, and that’s probably OK with you if you don’t mind waiting, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could get your site indexed by search engines sooner?

There are a lot of ways to get your site on top search engines like Google and get a good page rank. A page rank refers to the “importance” of a site and is generally measured by the number of sites that link to that site. Newly created websites are not yet indexed by Google so they don’t have a page rank yet. So how do you get your site on Google and rank high as well? Here are a few tips that you’ll find useful:

Choose The Right Keywords

The smartest thing that you can do before creating or collecting content for your website is to do a little keyword research. You could download some software to help you do this. A simple search on Google can tell you just how many websites are competing for a keyword or keyword phrase, and optimizing your website using a highly-competitive keyword is not a very clever move. In time, when you have established enough traffic for your site, you can use those keywords but it’s always best to start off on keywords with little competition.

Include Your Keywords in Your Page Title

When you have selected what keywords to use on your new website, make a page title for your site that includes only your main keywords. If you can make a title with least amount of unnecessary words but that contains all of your main keywords, Google will see all of your keywords and your chances of ranking high will increase.

Purchase Text Links

Yes, this is possible and so many websites out there are into this practice. Buy links from high Page Rank websites. If you already own a PR5 or PR6 website, then you can simply make a link from that website and point it to your new website. Of course, you can always write and ask the owners of these websites for link exchange, and if you asked pleasantly enough and were very professional, they might just link back to your site!

Write Articles and Submit Them To Websites

Writing constant content for your website is a sure way to increase traffic in your site. You can also write articles that link to your website to different article directories and sites that are interested in quality articles. It’s important to write informative articles that will want readers to click your link and see what other information they could learn from your website.

These are just a few you could do to get your site in Google and rank high in searches. Goodluck!

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